DNA Building, Kuwait

This was the proposed design for the Infosys building in Kuwait about 4 years ago. I can’t find any evidence to suggest that the construction went ahead but what a design! I wonder what they’d do to make the lift work?


In other DNA news from Kuwait: it’s become the first country to make DNA testing mandatory not only for all its citizens, but also for anyone entering the country. This is all in an attempt to fight back against terrorism and suicide bombers.

The news has me conflicted. My interest in DNA is such that I’m eager to find out more about how we are all connected at molecular level. The only way to map that in more detail is if scientists can access more DNA samples in order to make comparisons to what they already know/have access to. So in that way, I’m an advocate of more people taking DNA tests. I’m not, however, a fan of forcing people into it. Or for government agencies like the police to keep hold of someone’s DNA when they haven’t been charged with a crime. Very disquieting.


DNA Double Helix in Architecture #4


This is the DNA Towers on Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Conceived by James Law Cybertecture International to be used for residential and commercial purposes on Reem Island in Abu Dhabi. The most eye-catching feature of the towers is how they twist in a double helix like human DNA. They are linked at the top by a lopping structure of glass and steel containing a garden, restaurants and fountains.

DNA Double Helix in Nature #3 – Nebula

This is an infrared image of the Double Helix Nebula. A nebula is a cloud of gas and plasma emitted by certain types of stars as they die. This particular nebula is estimated to be about 300 light years away the centre of the black hole that sits in our galaxy, the Milky Way.


At the time of its discovery in 2006, the Double Helix Nebula stunned physicists because nobody had ever seen anything like it before in the cosmos. Most nebulae are with either spiral galaxies full of stars or formless conglomerations of dust and gas. They think this twisted formation was caused by the magnetic field at the centre of our galaxy and that it indicates a high degree of order.

A high degree of order is a perfect way to describe the manner in which human DNA looks and behaves. Here is an image of it side by side with its cosmic cousin.