Double Helix as Textile Art

If you look hard enough, there are references to the DNA double helix in all walks of life. This particular piece of textile art is photographed by Richard Sweeney and was part of the Miniartextil Exhibition in Italy.



DNA Double Helix as Music Video – Björk’s Hollow

Now this is a bold move even from a popstar (is she a popstar? It’s definitely hard to define her) as capricious and self-willed as Björk. The music video for the operatic sweep of Hollow, one of the tracks of her album Biophilia, makes the DNA double helix in all its animated glory, the star of the show. There are some people who just won’t get it.

I find it mesmerising and love how the camera journeys inwards through the cell, into the nucleus and then the chromosome before reaching the double strand of proteins that are the building blocks of life. Björk’s features, mocked up in the same organic matter and gazing, in extreme close up, at DNA in replication mode only adds to its impact. The numbers quantifying the process on the bottom left hand of the video are a helpful touch in enabling the viewer make sense of what is happening. Bold, informative and inventive.

I like the way she rolls.