Double Helix as Land Art

There are many images out there that represent the DNA double helix as a twisting tree. It’s not surprising given the concept of the tree of life/family tree and all that but it  verges on the cliche. I know, I’ve searched high and low for images of the double helix that aren’t the clinical science/medical driven kind (usually some variation on the colour blue) or a play on the image of a tree. In fact, architecture is so much better at depicting the double helix in innovative and interesting ways than the fine arts can muster. I hope all that is changing though as more people get to understand more about the nature of DNA and more artists incorporate a contemplation of it into their practices.

This tree/double helix combo is, however, lovely, different, holistic and fun. I can’t find the provenance of it but on Flickr it has the attributes “Gabriele Meneguzzi, Landart Contest, Switzerland 2000.”



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